Have a little decorum…

Here’s to our english speaking friends.

Wheelies – 

Dites non aux roulettes

Strangely, designing our first travel bag took shape with a simple motto: « Everyone can say no to wheelies. »

We decided to wage open war to wheeled luggage of all kind, be they bags or suitcases. The deep roots of this enmity lie here:

« No man should bring more than he can carry. »

Indeed every travel is (or should be) an adventure, and not some base translation of one’s mundane everyday life to a somewhere. Filling your luggage to the brim while relying on wheelies seems to defeat that purpose

Let’s imagine for a second that your plane lands in the desert, a wheeled luggage becomes a liability and you’ll rue the day you didn’t say no to wheelies by choosing an elegant yet functional travel bag like the Philippe (for instance).

You are a man. Become a Gentleman, say no to wheelies.

Un peu de tenue - Dots

Have a little teasing…

Carte Teasing Philippe

To celebrate the launch of our brand, we made sure to create a gentleman’s bag with a real innovation.

Get ready for le Philippe!

Un peu de tenue - Dots

Have a little…

Machine à écrire
Machine à écrire

« The beginning is way more than half the goal »


Welcome to the blog of « Un peu de tenue… ».

Not only will you find here everything related to our luxurious gentlemen’s bags  but also everything that we couldn’t fit on our e-shop.

Please do come back often to discover our articles on fashion, lifestyle and beyond…

Un peu de tenue - Dots

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