So you have 18k?

Everybody has been following the latest Apple keynote, or at least heard about it. Let’s start by saying that we think the regular Apple Watch is a well-designed product and accurately-marketed as always. But come on…  18,000€ for the Apple Watch Edition? How many russian/chinese/industry tycoons/oil magnates are there in the world? Or better yet… […]

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A better butler…

Everybody knows old trustworthy Alfred Pennyworth: friend, father, nurse, comrade in arms to Batman… but what if Alfred had been a better butler? And how much would it have changed history?   To all comic book nerds, I’m pretty sure that without Batman, the Joker wouldn’t exist (no Red Hood chemical accident, if one believes […]

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Sortie cinéma – Kingsman

Nous trépignions d’impatience depuis la sortie du premier trailer: Le salon de la BD d’Angoulême aura finalement été l’occasion de le voir en avant-première. Voici donc notre avis à peu près sans spoilers « The suit is a modern gentleman’s armour. » Il s’agit tout simplement du film le plus sartorial que vous verrez cette année (oui […]

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