Kingsman – The Secret Service – A review

Un peu de tenue - Illustration - Kingsman

We were excited for the Kingsman movie ever since the first trailer.

This weekend we finally had the chance to watch Kingsman – The Secret Service. We will try to give you reasons to watch the movie and keep it spoiler free.

« The suit is a modern gentleman’s armour. »

Simply put, this is the most stylish movie you’ll get to see this year. Hot off a collaboration collection with Mr Porter the visual flair of Matthew Vaughn and the ever stylish Colin Firth, every knight looks dapper. No ones wears a suit like Mr Firth. No one. Ever since « A Single Man », we have noticed how incredibly stylish the man can be. But he is not the only one, Michael Caine, Mark Strong, Jack Davenport, all look perfect. With their clean shaven look and perfectly cut suit they really look like the new knights they claim to be.


« There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. »

The movie is adapted from a Graphic Novel by Marc Millar, you know the guy who manages to sell  movie rights before the comics is done. And Marc Millar is a great pitcher, he comes up with fresh and exciting ideas that translate well to the big screen, but what we find the most entertaining is that the movies never stick too close to the original materials and never hesitate to stray tonally (Kick-Ass) or wildly (Wanted)  from the graphic novels. In that, the movies are a different beast altogether from the comics. This way one can read the comics and still be surprised.


« I have no stomach for violence. »

One concern might come from the over the top violence. There is a scene in a church that might or might not generate some (bad) buzz. But credits to Mr Vaughn, the violence is so OTT that it is hard to take it seriously, it looks both gory and cartoony and the use of the soundtrack dramatically changes the tone of the scenes. That being said the fight scenes are beautifully filmed, it feels like choreographed chaos, like a violent ballet…


« Give me a far-fetched plot anyday! »

All in all the movie never takes itself seriously and feels like a modern take on the old cheesy Bond movies (a fact that is hinted at multiple times in the movie). We have the gentleman spy, the colorful megalomaniac villain (pretty sure Samuel L. Jackson had a blast playing the role of Valentine), the henchman (woman) with a cool and deadly accessory, gadgets galore… there even is a scandinavian princess! The Bond rebooted franchise is really good right now but it did leave an empty spot for fun spy movies. Speaking of which, we’re pretty sure Valentine’s lair was designed to reference Dr Evil’s lair.


If you want to see a stylish, fast-paced and fun action movie with impeccable cast just go to your theater starting February 18th.

Bonus: if you wonder what brands collaborated to create the Kingsman look. Put on your glasses and… voila!

un peu de tenue - Illustration - Kingsman - Fashion Style Brands


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